this is literally what happens when a young adult starts working full time

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Great Moments In American History: Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill congratulate each other for swimming with a topless brunette woman in Miami in February of 2013 while hiding their own shapeless bodies under modest t-shirts

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I’m laughing so hard at the way she’s holding that wine glass

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I wish the kim k game was real life … *touches a bird on the sidewalk and gets $2*

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When I’m listening to Britney Spears in my car and one of my friends tells me to change it

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As promised, here are some pictures of Lyalya’s first walk outside! Look at the bushy little squirrel tail :D the sandpit was her favorite spot! She was extremely excited and threw sand all over the place

cat squirrel

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Hello, if you are ever sad, just look up and picture Naruto telling you to believe in yourself.. Because you are strong, live on and dream big.


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